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Double Glazing London

Do you want to boost the energy efficiency of your home? Maybe you want to replace old windows. Or perhaps you’re looking for quality double glazing in London? Whatever the reason, we at Square Glazing have the solutions. We have been manufacturers and installers of a range of double glazing in London for more than 20 years. With us, you’re guaranteed expertise that is backed by a friendly team, affordable prices and – most importantly – quality results. If you’re looking for double glazing in London, we can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us today to book your FREE consultation.

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    What is our double glazing in London?

    We know that you’ve probably heard it a lot, but we take pride in our double glazing in London. Our made-to-measure windows and doors are of the highest quality thanks to our dynamic team that possesses a range of skills between them. We’re all professionals in double glazing in London and createtop-of-the-range products with bespoke designs.

    We focus on creating bespoke windows featuring double glazing in London. Here’s what we can do…

    Double Glazing London
    Double Glazing London

    uPVC & Aluminium Double Glazing in London

    Our double glazing in Londoncomes with the choice of uPVC or aluminium finishes and colours. Our uPVC windows and aluminium window frames are built to be long-lasting, with our window installers verifying the fit once the window reaches your home. All double glazing in Londonincludes toughened safety glass where required, trickle vents and window restrictors which add value to yourwindows.

    Casement & Flush Casement Windows

    Casement Windows

    ‘Casement’ refers to the part of a window that opens. Casement windows hang on hinges attached to their frame, allowing them to open sideways or from the top. They are one of the most popular types of windows in the UK and boast design variety, ease of use and energy efficiency. They also include quality triple or double glazing in London.

    Flush Casement Windows

    Unlike casement windows which have the openable parts protruding from the frame, flush casement windows are designed to lay flat against the wall. This creates a smooth, flat surface on the building exterior without any overlap. They also include quality triple or double glazing in London.

    Your Choice of Casement Window Finishes

    Our casement windows are available in uPVC, aluminium, or hardwood timber, with a variety of colour choices. We fabricate our windows using premium quality materials sourced from the leading suppliers in the industry. These hard-wearing materials mean our casement windows are highly insulating, extremely durable, and virtually maintenance-free.They also include quality triple or double glazing in London.

    Double Glazing London
    Double Glazing London

    Sliding Sash Windows

    Sliding, vertical sash windows retain the traditional design that complements the appearance of a traditional property. They can be kept open in any position and include child safety travel restrictors, sash horns and keyed locking mechanisms. They also include quality triple or double glazing in London. Sliding sash windows slide up and down, and tilt making them easy to look after. Sliding sash windows are elegant and practical and are chosen by our customers for their convenience and style.

    Your Choice of Sash Window Finishes

    We offer uPVC, hardwood timber and aluminium sliding sash windows. They also include quality triple or double glazing in London.The benefits of uPVC double-glazed windows include the elegance of timber sash design to maintain the aesthetics of your home design. We also offer sash windows in a variety of colours to blend in with your styling or stand out!

    Tilt & Turn Windows

    Tilt & turn windows are designed to tilt inwards for ventilation or turn fully inwards for easy cleaning. These are available in larger sizes than normal windows which makes them a great choice for large spaces. Tilt & turn windows swing inwards which means that they are low-maintenance and easy to clean without needing a ladder. We offer a 10-year guarantee on materials and workmanship for our tilt & turn double-glazed windows.They also include quality triple or double glazing in Essex.

    Your Choice of Tilt & Turn Window Finishes

    Choose from a selection of shades including white, rosewood, light oak, light oak on white and black on white. We use uPVC, which means that your windows will never flake, warp, peel, rust or need painting. This means you’ll have double glazing in Essex that lasts a long time!

    Double Glazing London

    Why replace your windows?

    Now that you know what we can do, here’s why you should consider replacing your windows (and the many benefits you can enjoy as a result)!


    Banish any draughts and keep heat from escaping your home with triple or double glazing in London. New windows mean increased energy efficiency which equals cheaper energy bills in the long run!

    Bespoke Design

    Replacing old, original windows with new, made-to-measure ones gives you the chance to put your stamp on your house. From colours, styles finishes and double glazing in Londonour bespoke design lets you do just that!

    Enhanced Security

    Boost your home security with new windows! All windows come with toughened safety glass where required and boast multi-locking points for greater protection. Triple and double glazing in London also protects against the elements.

    Why choose us?

    20+ Years of Experience

    We have over 20 years of experience in double glazing in Essex, you can trust that your project is in safe hands with the experts at Square Glazing.

    Bespoke Design

    We aim to design, manufacture, and install bespoke windows for you – from start to finish. We make all our windows to individual specifications.

    Customer Focused

    Being customer-focused is a no-brainer in this trade.With our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company, you’ll receive a service that is second to none.

    If you’re looking for bespoke, made-to-measure aluminium bifold doors in London, you’ve found the company you’re looking for. Get in touch with us to book your FREE consultation!